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Contract Vehicles

Federal GSA

The GSA Schedule is a $45 billion government contract. GSA Schedule Contracts streamline the government sales process because they have pre-established pricing, terms, and conditions that government buyers can use to purchase from a company. While GSA Schedule Contracts are primarily used to sell to federal agencies, in certain circumstances they can also be used to sell to state and local government.

State and Local NCPA

NCPA: National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance. Saves money for public agencies across the US by pooling purchasing power. Works with lead agencies to competitively bid contracts based on quality, performance, and pricing.

Equalis Group

Equalis Group is an innovative cooperative purchasing organization that believes in the power of partnership. Their leadership team has decades of experience within the public and private procurement environments, with specific experience in cooperative purchasing, supply chain improvement, and relationships that extend throughout the procurement channel. The mission of Equalis Group is to continuously improve the measurable and meaningful impact of cooperative services for everyone throughout the supply chain.

Who Can Use the Equalis Group Contract?
Equalis Group membership is open to all public sector end-user entities, including:

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